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In oil-engel.de you will find a wide selection of high quality brand oils, lubricants and protection products for every application - and at reasonable prices. 
Our engine and transmission oils are derived exclusively from premium manufacturers, which can satisfy the high demands of car enthusiasts and motorcycle friends. 
With the oil finders of Agip, Divinol and Motul, which you can access directly through our website, you will quickly and easily find the right lubricant for your vehicle - and in our range then the corresponding product. In addition, we also carry branded products of Eni, Presto and many other manufacturers. 
In addition to motor oil you can also find car care products, paints, antifreeze and additives with which your vehicle gets the protection it deserves. 
Whether you like to hunt in the sports car at top speed down the slopes, with the trip in a classic car neat turn back time or enjoy the great freedom on two wheels - we want to play our part in ensuring that the ride does not stumble! 
This is also true if you are "pleasure", not only the road - for vehicles of all types and sizes, from the tractor to semi-trailer, we offer in our online shop suitable motor oils and lubricants in an impressive variety. 
Almost every motor should be lubricated so that it permanently running smoothly. Engines can be found but of course not only in automobiles. We therefore you also get motor oils for marine engines, two-stroke model engines, gas engines, as well as for other applications, where special oils are needed (for example, non-alloy engine oils for use in very old engines). 
Also for motorized utility devices such as chain saws, lawn mowers, snow blowers or milking machines we have exactly the right materials at hand. 
Most of our oils are available in a variety of package sizes. Large consumers save by a special low price per liter for 200 liter drums, while car owners receive a great deal of oil for your money when buying three five-liter bottles and no longer need to buy modellers with small bottlings of two liters, as they need. 
We customize our services to continuously: In the field of oils and lubricants is continuously researching in order to improve factors such as the viscosity or durability. Once innovative products are available that offer real benefits, we will take for granted in our range. 
And should you ever should not find it - then share it with us! We gladly accept the contact form on the homepage to receive any suggestions and wishes and try to find an individual solution. 
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