Blaser Blasoclean AF REINIGER, 25Liter

Blasoclean AF is an alkaline additive for water-miscible cooling lubricants.

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Blasoclean AF

is an alkaline additive for water-miscible cooling lubricants. It can be used to stabilize cooling lubricants and for optimal cleaning and preparation for refilling of machine tools and cooling lubricant circuits.

  • Product properties Blasoclean AF is an additive with the following properties:
  • Good emulsification behavior to stabilize cooling lubricants
  • Excellent rinsing behavior to remove residues
  • pH amplifier to increase the pH value of cooling lubricants and to reduce unpleasant odors

With the addition of Blasoclean AF, the cooling lubricant becomes more active and the pH value is increased. However, the cutting performance is not reduced and foam formation is not increased.

The refractometer factor is 1.8. Therefore, if 1% is added, the refractometer will only show plus 0.55.

Application when Stabilizer Can stabilize water-miscible cooling lubricants that have the following problems:

  • Instability (also during deposition) and/or
  • Coarsely dispersed emulsion and/or
  • Cooling lubricants with too low a pH value and/or
  • Cooling lubricants with an unpleasant smell and/or
  • Cooling lubricants with ferro-corrosion and/or

System cleaning:
For flushing residues in pipes and tanks.
System cleaner before a planned emulsion change.

The addition of Blasoclean AF increases the concentration of the emulsion and thus reduces the consumption of the concentrate. System cleaner Blasoclean AF is an efficient system cleaner that is added to the emulsion before emptying to clean the machine and create good conditions for refilling. Application such as stabilization of cooling lubricants Dosage: 0.5 - 1.5% based on the total volume, i.e. 5 to 15 liters per 1,000 liters of coolant.

Stabilization procedure:

  • Blasoclean AF is added to a turbulent zone of the emulsion. Notes:
  • In the case of aluminum processing, only 0.5% (5l per 1,000l) is added and the pH value is measured. The process is repeated until a pH value of 9.0 is reached.
  • The addition can be made regularly (every 2-3 weeks) or continuously (for small quantities). Application like system cleaner (cleaning the machine)


1 - 2% based on the total volume, i.e. 10 to 20 liters per 1,000 liters of coolant.

Cleaning procedure:
Blasoclean AF is added to the emulsion during normal production.
Then continue working normally for at least 48 hours, but ideally 7 days.
A cleaning time of 24 hours is also possible, but cleaning usually takes more time.


  • If the pH value is higher than 9.2, there is a risk of aluminum corrosion.
  • Blasoclean AF removes residues from the surface that can lead to filter clogging
  • Clean the machine mechanically using a cloth, brush and high-pressure cleaner.
  • The mixture of emulsion and Blasoclean AF is then vacuumed off and disposed of.
  • Rinse with a 1-2% fresh emulsion. This at least one ½ Let it turn around for an hour.
  • Suck off the fresh emulsion completely again.

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